A JavaScript library that provides a 'ramsey/uuid'-like interface for the uuid package.

@actually_connor/uuid is a JavaScript library for generating and working with universally unique identifiers (UUIDs). It provides a ramsey/uuid-like interface to the uuid package that

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  1. Install
npm i --save @actually_connor/uuid
  1. Generate a UUID (ES6 module syntax)
import { Uuid } from '@actually_connor/uuid';
const uuid = Uuid.uuid4();

... or using CommonJS syntax:

const { Uuid } = require('@actually_connor/uuid');
const uuid = Uuid.uuid4();


@actually_connor/uuid docs

Use in Database - MySQL

The recommended use for saving UUID values in the database would be to create a BINARY(16) column in the database. When persisting the UUIDs you can UNHEX the hexadecimal representation of the UUID.


await this.model
    uuid: Uuid.uuid4().getBuffer(),
await this.model
  .where('uuid = :uuid', { uuid: uuid.getBuffer() })


Contributions are welcome! To contribute, please familiarize yourself with CONTRIBUTING.md.

Copyright and License

The @actually_connor/uuid library is copyright © Connor Smyth and licensed for use under the MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE for more information.